About Us

When it comes to chimney sweeping, we're serious about providing high quality, no mess cleaning

A quality clean can massively improve the performance of your fire, and help to reduce the potential for serious dangers from blocked flues.

With over 25 years of experience, we know all there is to know about chimneys, so you can rest assured you're dealing with professionals who can provide a service that's a cut above the typical 'in a hurry' companies.

We can help to reduce the potential for serious dangers with a quality clean.

We can ease the workload for those most in need.

Tradional Methods

We employ tried and trusted traditional cleaning techniques, from the top of the chimney down to ensure safe, and thorough cleaning of your complete chimney. What you're left with is a safe, clear flue, with minimal disruption and mess to your home.

With every flue clean, we provide smoke and pressure tests to your system in order to detect leaks and potential problems. Not only that, but we offer a bird's nest removal service for those struggling with blockages from nests. We provide smoke and pressure tests with every flue clean

Multi Fuel Stoves

With our expertise in flues, we able to install DEFRA APPROVED multi fuel stoves as well. We also offer repair and maintenance. For those of you that have an existing stove, it is important to keep it maintained. To make sure your stove is performing at it's best, keep it well cleaned and maintained throughout the Winter. This will ensure that it is working to its highest standard. If in doubt call us out.

One call does it all!


We offer minor repairs to slate & tile roofs plus replacement and cleaning of guttering, troughs, fascias and soffits both wood and plastics. Slate & roof tile replacement and more.

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If you're interested in any of our services, or would simply like to enquire about how we can help you with an enquiry, please feel free to send us a quick message.

We really do promise to get back to you - and be on hand to answer any of your questions.